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Ellen is going to daycare for the first time

daughter going to daycare

I was very happy when my daughter Ellen got a part-time place at a high-quality daycare center nearby. Now I could focus on my studies while Ellen was spending her days hanging out with other kids, being cared for by a team of childcare professionals.

She went to daycare 3 days a week at 13 months. On her first day of nursery, I took her in for just two hours to meet the staff and get used to the environment. In the next two days, I spent about one hour with her and then left her there for about two hours. The following week I spent about 30 minutes with her the first day and then left her for about three hours. She didn´t have any problem to settle in and was quickly adjusting so the next days I just stayed for about 5 minutes and then left. I gradually increased the time up to six hours the following week. At first, she was a little bit more clingy at home and would not leave me out of sight but it was getting better, at least for Ellen ...

Well, I have to admit that sending my daughter to daycare was harder than I thought. I have been with her 24/7 for a year and since I don´t have any family here she has been with me most of the time and carried a lot. I quickly embraced the attachment parenting philosophy as a new mother and I have a very strong bond with my daughter. The first two weeks at daycare were awful. Changes and transitions can be very difficult for highly sensitive moms like me. All the noise at the daycare was also a little bit overwhelming. After leaving her I had a difficult time focusing on my tasks at school. I really had to work with myself to deal with it and stay calm. Being an HSP mom can be challenging at times indeed. As a new mom, I see the world differently. My instinct kicks in and I become aware of potential risks for my child all the time. I was so worried when Ellen started daycare that it switched over to anxiety. It was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. I was heartbroken. I practiced these 5 tips for becoming a mindful and calm parent to overcome my anxiety.

Now it's been a month and everything is fine. Ellen barely notices me when I am saying goodbye and when I return later in the afternoon, she usually greets me with a wide smile and starts running to me. It fills my heart with joy seeing my daughter happy.